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I am Marco

a pasioned photographer hailing from the vibrant landscapes of Mexico. My photographic journey ignited at the age of 10 when my father handed me my first camera.

  Growing up in Mexico, my affinity for adventure was nurtured by cinematic tales, especially those of Indiana Jones spirit. My formative years as a Boy Scout were a canvas of teenage camping and exploration, instilling in me a love for the great outdoors and a perpetual quest for new perspectives.

  While initially encountering setbacks in art disciplines such as painting and graphic design, these experiences ultimately fortified my understanding of compositions. My professional photography path meandered through collaborations with esteemed media entities like Forbes magazine and interactions with celebrities in Mexico and collaborated with football legend Andres Iniesta in Japan for almost 2 years.

  I started as self-learning and kept the line for some couple of years. The evolution of my craft unfolded like a chain, each project contributing to my growth and knowledge.

At the age of 31, I made the conscious decision to fully embrace a professional photography career, formalizing my expertise through academic pursuits.

  In 2017, fueled by an insatiable appetite for adventure, I made an audacious move to Japan. Armed with a backpack of essentials and another filled with photography equipment, I embraced the challenge of unraveling new colors, emotions, structures, and compositions in this foreign land. It was in Japan that the realms of travel and street photography unfolded before me.

  In every photo, I strive to transcend limits, capturing the essence of the moment, the light of the people, and the colors of the space. My commitment to photography is marked by an unwavering passion for experimentation, pushing the boundaries and discovering new realms within the art. Join me on this visual journey as we unveil the extraordinary in the ordinary through the lens of my passion.

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